Marvel DC Superheroes Retro DVD Gift Set



Need a gift for the ultimate superhero fan? Then this is the gift set for you! This gift set contains over 15 hours of superhero adventures all on brand new sealed DVDsFor extra enjoyment we also throw in 2 original action figures, 3 original comics and 2 posters for your wall. 

Gift Set includes:

4 x Brand New Sealed DVDs (Region 2)

Superman - The Animated Collection (1996) All Star Superman, Superman The Last Son of Krypton and Superman A Little Piece of Home - Running Time 82 minutes

Batman - The Animated Series Volume One (1992) 28 Adventures over 4 discs - Running Time 600 minutes

X-Men - Season One Volume One (1992) Episodes 1 to 7 - Running Time 148 minutes

Spiderman - The Ultimate Villain Showdown (1994) 4 episode arc - Running Time 79 minutes

1 x Batman and 1 x Action Comics A3 Poster Frames not included

3 x Retro Comics Please note comics are vintage so are likely to contain imperfections

2 x Retro Action Figures Please note figures are vintage so are likely to have been played with and contain imperfections

Customers should note that the retro action figures and comics included may differ to the ones pictured, however they will be from one of the following shows: Superman, Batman, X-Men and Spiderman.