Sugar Blooms Day of the Dead Skull


Available for pre-order

Sugar Blooms Day of the Dead Resin Skull 18cm - comes fully wrapped and protected in polystyrene box.

A stunning decorated colourful Day of the Dead skull. Hand painted and beautifully finished, each skull is a unique gift, as no two will ever be exactly the same. This piece reflects the brightly decorated 'sugar skulls' that form a significant part of the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations in South America. The celebrations usually start on October 31st when they believe the Gates of Heaven open at midnight and the spirits of all the children (angelitos) who have passed over are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 hours; on the next day the spirits of all the adults follow suit. This festival is full of joy, flowers, bright colour, cooking, music and big happy smiles - these are all echoed beautifully in this skull design.