The ideal Stocking filler for any FRIENDS fan! 

Friends Quiz, Act or Draw is a fast-paced game played in teams of 2 players or more. The youngest player goes first and rolls the dice which determines if their team has to answer a quiz, act, or draw question. If the dice lands on the quiz symbol, the player asks the other team members the question. They can confer but only answer once. If the dice lands on the act or draw symbols then the player has to act out or draw the scene on the card for their team members to guess. When a team answers correctly, before the 1-minute sand-timer runs out, they keep the card and play passes to another team. The first team to collect five cards are the champions. 

Friends Quiz, Act or Draw is supplied in a box including 100x game cards, quiz, draw or act dice, sand-timer, pencil, paper plus full gameplay instructions.

  • THE ONE WITH TRIVIA, DRAWING, AND ACTING: A chance to test and display your knowledge of Friends the Television Series along with your acting and drawing skills. Played in teams of 2 players or more, the first team to win 5 cards are the champions.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Friends Quiz Act or Draw makes a great present for any fan of this classic television sitcom. Inside the box, you will find 100x game cards, a unique quiz, act or draw dice, sand timer, pad, and pencil. 
  • GREAT FAMILY FUN: In Friends, Phoebe has a half bother Frank, but do you know the name of Frank's wife? Think you could act or draw the scene where Joey gets his eyebrows waxed but the pain is too much so he only has one done and Chandler has to finish the job? Friends Quiz Act or Draw is great for friends and family to play together and spend some quality time away from screens for a while.
  • OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: Perfect gift for all Friends fans, superb quality, Friends Quiz Act or Draw is officially licensed and approved by Warner Brothers.