80s/90s Retro Cartoon DVD Gift Set



Are you looking for the perfect gift for a 80s/90s child? Then look no further! This gift set contains over 27 hours of retro cartoon heaven all on brand new sealed DVDs. For extra enjoyment we also throw in 2 original action figures, 2 original comics and 2 rad posters for your wall. 

Gift Set includes:

5 x Brand New Sealed DVDs (Region 2)

Transformers - The Classic Animated Series (1986) Season One 3 disc edition - Running Time over 300 minutes

Thundercats - Volume One Episodes 1-6 (1985) - Running Time 129 minutes

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Seasons One & Two (1983) - Running Time 660 minutes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga Classics (1990) 10 fan favourite episodes - Running Time 247 minutes

The Real Ghostbusters - Volume One 13 episodes (1986) - Running Time 295 minutes

1 x Thundercats and 1 x Optimus Prime A3 Poster Frames not included

2 x Retro 'The Real Ghostbusters' Comics Please note comics are vintage so are likely to contain imperfections

2 x Retro Action Figures Please note figures are vintage so are likely to have been played with and contain imperfections

Customers should note that the retro action figures and comics included may differ to the ones pictured, however they will be from one of the following shows: Transformers, Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters, He-Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.