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FRIENDS Bath and Body Gift Set

This four piece Friends Bath and Body Gift Set contains everything you need for an evening of pampering and relaxation. Included in the box is a 200g (7.05 oz) peach...

FRIENDS Central Perk Bath Crumble

Sprinkle the required amount of Friends Central Perk Caramel Toffee Bath Crumble into the warm water and let the crumble fizz away completely. Then, step in and unwind in a...

FRIENDS Beauty Accessories Gift Set

This three piece Friends Beauty Accessories Gift Set contains everything you need to complete your regular beauty routines, from the simplest ones to the most extravagant ones. Use the soft,...

FRIENDS Lemongrass Shower Steamer

Uplift and revitalise your senses with this Friends Lemongrass Shower Steamer. Simply break off one quarter of the 140g (4.94 oz) shower steamer and place on your shower floor. Turn...
£7.99 £4.99

FRIENDS Eye Shadow Palette

This fabulous Friends Eye Shadow Palette features twelve different 1.5g (0.05 oz) eye shadow powders in all the tones you could ever need. Each colour is named after a famous...

FRIENDS Beauty Makeup Bag

Keep this pink 'I'd Rather be Watching Friends' make up bag handy so you'll have your beauty essentials, from lip balms to eyeshadows, near you at all time. Measuring 21cm...

FRIENDS Beauty Nail Files (Set of 4)

Display your love for the outstanding comedy series Friends for all to see and shape your nails in style with this Friends Nail File Set. Each file is decorated with...

FRIENDS Central Perk Lip Balm Set of 3

Friends fans can now give their makeup bag a 90s nostalgic twist with this Central Perk Lip Balm Set of 3. This handy pack contains three lip balms that come...